Weekend of Wine.

In case you skimmed the last two blog posts because they were incredibly long and you don’t have much interest in all things feminism, (I get it, you’re not the one receiving a research grant to complete a [hopefully published] thesis on the feminist movement, so of course you’re not as crazy passionate as I am) here’s some highlights of my weekend in Mendoza with my dad and stepmom.


This is Carmelo Patti. He’s a grass-roots, boutique-style winemaker. Which makes him cooler than those big, factory ones and super old school. He barely speaks English but somehow manages to make all the foreigners laugh.



Thanks to Juan Cruz, our tour guide for the wineries, we visited three beautiful bodegas and maxed out our stomachs during the most incredible lunch I’ve ever had (So. Much. Food.). Yes, we tried the little red and green peppers sitting in the bowl. YES we all squealed in pain because they were so spicy, and yet each of us continued to try them for ourselves.


Check out those gorgeous mountains hiding in the back.



At the end of our tour, we went to una Fabrica de Licores. We tried tons of delicious flavored dulce de leches (coconut, hazelnet, chocolate) as well as dessert liquors. They were scrumptious. Then we tried green absinthe. I’m still not sure why we decided to, nor why I drank SO much in comparison to everyone else. Enjoy. 


One comment on “Weekend of Wine.

  1. Dad says:

    It was the most amazing weekend – so glad you inserted the live version of our “tastings”!!!! Great Blog if I do say so myself!!

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